• No Special Software Needed, Easy to Use

  • Compatible with X-type, Enclosed Track, Engineered, and almost any Type of System and Chain

  • Cost Effective--No Unexpected Breaks Means No Unexpected Downtime

  • Remote Monitoring Available from Frost

  • Cellular Monitoring Available--Check the Status Anywhere, Anytime

  • Reduce Your Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Conveyor AlerT System C.A.T.S. available in permanent or portable configuration Even though companies rely on them, many ignore the importance of conveyor systems - until a breakdown occurs and raises havoc, escalates costs and reduces profits. There has never been a cost effective way to predict when that downtime will occur - until now. Frost Inc. is proud to introduce the Frost Chain Wear Monitoring System. It integrates digital technology which monitors conveyor chain wear and elongation, alerts you to major system failures before they occur, 24 hours a day seven days a week. Ultimately this system saves you routine inspections and unexpected and expensive downtime.