Automotive bumpers riding on an overhead chain system

Our Story

A History of Success

Since its founding a century ago, Frost has been an industry leader consistently setting the quality standard among its competitors. The idea is simple—Frost engineers and manufactures higher quality products, focuses greater attention on the customer and revolutionizes the market with innovative products. Frost’s relentless pursuit toward innovation delivers solutions which enable its customers to work faster and more effectively. Innovative products brought to market over the years have made Frost the conveyor industry leader and include Splashproof Trolleys, Smooth Link rivetless X-type chain, the Sani-Trolley, Dial-A-Bolt Chain and the Frost Chain Wear Monitor to name just a few. Being the best is not easy as it requires the consistent pursuit of high quality products and great customer service. For a century, Frost has provided leadership and generated ideas that have set the standard around the world. Join us this Centennial year as we celebrate Frost’s enduring success, its legacy of innovation and its total commitment to being the industry best for its customers. We look forward to serving you for another hundred years!

Industries We Serve

Frost has a long history of serving a variety of industries. Listed below are just a few...


  • Red Meat Processing
  • Sausage Making Facilities
  • Poultry Processing
  • Automotive Processing
  • Automotive Power Train Systems
  • Automotive Parts
  • Foundries
  • Truck Assembly Plants
  • Truck Part Manufacturing
  • Appliance Manufactures
  • Furniture Manufactures
  • Airframe Builders
  • Porcelain Product Manufactures
  • Computer Equipment Manufacturing
  • Tier 1, 2, & 3 Suppliers to Automotive
  • Paint Systems
  • Aluminum Smelting
  • Heavy Duty Equipment
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Smokehouses
  • Hide Tanning Facilities
  • Bakeries
  • Retail Warehouses
  • Computer Manufacturing
  • Food Processing Systems
  • Package Handling
  • Defense Systems
  • Motorcycle Producers
  • Leisure Vehicle Industry
  • Lawn Tractors
  • Small Appliance Producers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Push Back Rack Storage Systems
  • Continuous Banking Systems
  • Plating Process
  • Agra Systems
Automotive Dashboard on an overhead I-beam trolley system


Blowers with cores riding on an Enclosed Chain Track system

Customer First

The Frost Difference

Frost is an innovative company providing our customers with material handling solutions for more than 100 years. Our customer first approach is that we recognize the longest lasting and lowest operating cost products are the best products. All of our efforts in engineering, sales, manufacturing, and quality ensure our products last the longest in the field.

Examples of our customer first approach include:

  • Smooth Link is the longest lasting chain in the industry.
  • The Frost Chain Wear Monitor is used by customers who want to maximize profits by having the fewest number of people in the maintenance department.
  • The Dial-A-Bolt Chain is a perfect example of long life product, lasting 3 times longer than standard chain.

Frost customers experience these advantages and have come to appreciate our customer first approach.


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If you choose to place an order by telephone dial +1.800.783.6633, from 8am to 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday and talk with one of our customer service representatives.

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Frost Roller Bearing



Link of Standard Chain


FEATURED: Frost Inc. Smooth Link X-type (I-Pin) Chain for 3", 4", 6", X-100mm, and X-160mm I-beam conveyors, also available in stainless steel along with special platings and material types. Since all of the pins wear consistently you maintain consistent job spacing in your conveyor. Our Smooth Link® chain has no break-in wear or stretch period. 

Single Overhead Power Trolley


FEATURED: Frost Inc. produces overhead conveyor trolleys in many different variations to meet the demands of high temperature, high load, and highly contaminated environments. The wheels are available with a variety of seal options in full ball complement or retainer type constructions. Special lubricants are available upon request. For more information on Frost’s Overhead Trolleys, please consult a Frost representative.


Conveyor Trolley Attachments

FEATURED: Frost Inc. has trolley attachments available from stock in a variety of sizes and styles. Whether it be a B, C, H or I attachment, we can accommodate any type of attachment that you might need for your system.

Enclosed Track Chain

Enclosed Track Chain

FEATURED: Frost Enclosed Track Chain is designed as the ultimate in flexibility in every direction. It has been manufactured to remain assembled when in use and is easily dismantled . Frost also offers a Zig-Zag Compatible chain.

Double Row or Guide Roller

Guide Rollers

FEATURED: Frost Inc.’s Guide Rollers are available in different seal and shield designs, and are available to interchange with all OEM designs. Their design results in a quieter conveyor system and longer life under heavier loads.

Conveyor Roll Bearings

Conveyor Roll Bearings

FEATURED: Frost Inc.’s standard conveyor bearings are available for roll sizes ranging from 1.9” to 4” O.D. They have been proven to have longer life, lower noise levels, and a greater load carrying ability. They are fully sealed, and are engineered for today’s high speed and low noise needs.

Push Back Rack Wheels

Push Back Rack Wheels

FEATURED: Frost Inc. has your solution for push back rack system wheels. Frost Push Back Wheels are designed to withstand very high loads and for easy low friction rolling. They can withstand shock received from side loading and can be custom designed to fit your needs.

Hand Pushed Trolley

Hand Pushed Beam Trolleys

FEATURED: Frost Inc. has hand push trolleys for overhead monorail cranes and hoists. They are made to adapt to different sized I-beams, have an extended end flange for added safety and a rugged body construction. An additional feature of our hand pushed trolley are bolt-on load wheels for fast and easy wheel replacement.

Roller Turn Rollers

Roller Turn Rollers

FEATURED: Frost Roller Turn Rollers are available in 3”, 4” and 6” sizes. Frost’s low cost, standard roller has a fully contoured inner raceway and a Nitrile contact seal, which is purgeable so it can be used in either sealed for life or relube applications. Rollers are also available with internal grease retaining rings for grease injected systems. Frost roller turn rollers are also available for high heat applications.

Flat Top Wheels

Flat Top Wheels

FEATURED: Frost Inc. has specially designed flat top wheels for your material handling needs. They consist of double row bearings for maximum capacity, spring loaded lip seals to keep contamination out, full ball or retainer type designs, sealed for life or re-lubable designs, and are designed to withstand heavy thrust loading in either direction.




Frost Engineering works with our customers to provide a total system solution. With our quality planning methodologies we strive to ensure that all the customer requirements are captured and a solution is presented to drive the maximum amount of value into an installation.

Frost has the ability to manage your project from concept to completion. Frost Engineers utilize the latest methodologies and analysis techniques to ensure robust and problem free designs. We work closely with our customers to test designs and find ways to improve them through R&M data collection and actual field testing. Our Engineers are dedicated to rigorous quality inspection and testing throughout the production process.

Quality Control Inspection and Engineering

Case Studies

Our Customers Tell it Best


Automotive Chain Wear Study

Case Study: Smooth Link the Answer for an Automotive Plant

A large automotive and truck assembly plant in Kentucky collected data over a period of 102 weeks comparing the Frost 8640 chain to one of our competitors “premium” forged pin chain on the same paint line. The data reported shows that over the 102 week period that the Frost chain was superior to the competitor's chain.


push back rack system

Case Study: 27,000 Custom Push Back Wheels, Delivered in 6 Weeks

A customer came to us with a challenge: they needed 27,000 push back wheels delivered within six weeks from order. Our customer encountered this challenge when an overseas manufacturer had fallen behind on their shipments and left our customer unable to fill critical orders. Could Frost help? Normally this type of request is not a problem and probably could have been completed in half the requested time. The challenge Frost confronted was that the push back wheel was a custom design. Frost needed to re-engineer, design, prototype, and build the product within the limited time frame. Moreover, the six week time-frame included the Thanksgiving Day holiday, which further reduced the time Frost had to complete the job. Through our excellent project management, engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing capabilities Frost was able to deliver on-time and on-price. Although the behind the scenes efforts were heroic, to our customer it was a pleasant and “business as expected” delivery. From Design to Delivery, Frost manufactured 27,000 custom push back wheels within six weeks to the satisfaction of the customer.


pork overhead I-beam trolley system

Case Study: Pork Processing Plant

The Customer Smithfield was experiencing excessive chain breakages on a Blast Chill chain. These breakages caused many days of downtime and low productivity. Drivers included added costs associated with operational and mechanical overtime,low run time efficiencies, and the overall frustrations of not running well. Chain breakages were occurring as early as 8 months after installation of the X-658 chain; creating an average of 4-6 hours downtime with each occurrence. With each break, the chain became weaker resulting in an increased frequency of failures. In the pursuit of changing over the Blast Chill chain from an X-658 chain to an X-678 chain contact was made with several vendors; but it was Frost Inc. who quickly became the vendor of choice. Frost had already proven themselves in other chain applications in the plant. After determining Frost was the best option, we were contacted about the project; budgetary numbers were generated and several weeks were spent planning the replacement. Plant maintenance staff worked around the clock beginning after a Friday night shift through Sunday night; removing the existing X-658 and replacing it with the Frost X-678 chain. Only time has proven that the chain has maintained its integrity. After 22 months (as opposed to the previous 8 months with the existing chain) the X-678 chain system from Frost has not broken a link and has proven to be an extremely reliable system.


FROST Product Education

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Product Catalog


Frost Product Catalog - 57 page PDF catalog (4 MB file).

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Smooth Link X-Type Chain

Frost Inc. has X-type (I-Pin) Chain for 3", 4", 6", X-100mm, and X-160mm I-beam conveyors.

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Stainless Steel Smooth Link X-Type Chain

The same quality Smooth Link technology in stainless steel.

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